26” Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

Climb the Impossible

If you’re looking to get out on the trails and become one with nature, the Ansbern Overlander e-Mtb will take you to explore new and extraordinary peaks. Climbing those impossible mountains is now a reality and the most difficult trails are now the most fun. With the strongest Bafang 1000W strong motor power-assisted MOUNTAIN bike your rides will not only become longer as you can also bike to higher places and push harder than before, allowing yourself to try many new trails, sceneries, challenges, and experiences.

You can nearly fly to the top of the climbs, go distances that you never imagined possible, and ride more often with your well-trained friends: all you have to do is adjust the assistance level according to where you’re riding and who you’re riding with. And naturally, what goes up must come down, there’s always the descent to enjoy as well!


    • 26” Strong 6061 aluminum frame
    • Bafang MM G510 750W/ 1000W with internal steel gear
    • 48V 14AH  battery
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