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The Ansbern brand, with a headquarters in Kunshan, a suitable and full city for bicycles in the country of China, most of Taiwan components factories located here that allows to offer our clients the best service, trust, and comfort to satisfy your needs.
Ansbern, it is a bicycle and electric bike factory with self owned frame and fork manufacturer, its brand is of my first quality, there is no doubt according to our clients.
This brilliant idea was established by a group of people who love bicycles, so much so that they have been riding and working in bicycle field for more than 10 years and dedicating their whole working life and efforts in the development field of a comfortable and safe bicycle.

Focusing on OEM and ODM projects in electric bicycles and urban bicycles, and together with our product managers who have over 10 year experience in the field, we develop products that in such a way please the needs of all users, we provide services of efficiency, effectiveness, safety and of great quality so that our effort to be a reliable OEM factory is fulfilled.
In Ansbern, we design comfortable and fashionable electric bicycles and urban bicycles that allow us to move forward and keep moving a little outside of everything to feel free, full of peace, that allows us to travel to an adventure world where there is stress and no ill humor.
Test yourself and achieve with your bicycle. We protect your Brand and Reputation.

❓When I was asked, ” Why did you establish Ansbern Bikes?”

🤗 My answer is always: to make client’s creative idea to product with R&D and production team for premier brands in bike industry.

👍I have been in the bike industry for 12 years after graduation from university in 2010. I have worked with 88 bicycle brands and distributors around the world. I have been fully committed to working with them to design and produce bikes and electric bikes to win market share together.

🚴‍♀️I enjoy my work. When my client told me: “Lily, it’s a pleasure to work with you.” “Lily, you are professional and reliable.” I am extremely happy, especially when the bike and the electric bike become the best seller in the local market. Perhaps, this is a sense of pride after being recognized by clients.

🙏I always keep learning and improving.

🙋‍♀️”Let the world fall in love with cycling.” This is me, Lily, a Chinese girl who loves work, enjoys life, and enthusiast in bicycles, a professional bike and electric bike solution supplier for 12 years.

🎯Specialists: Those are what I can bring to the table
✅12+year bike experience
✅Owner of a bike and electric bike frame, fork, and assembly manufacturer in China for OEM & ODM projects
✅Easy communication with fluent English

I am always here for you if you need any information related to bikes and electric bikes. Just ping me a 📩lily@ansbernbikes.com.

Lily Qiu
Sales Director&Founder

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Julia Zhu

Diana Lu

Kukey Yu

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You can be sure that whatever it is we do will meet with your approval.We work with our customers to meet their needs and we’re committed for the success.

Good quality and good price-good price for the quality you offer Understanding customer troubles you adapt very well to our specific requirements

I have been working with Ansbern for more than 5 years.Ansbern team is experienced and loyal.They always offer quick response and individual solutions.lam deeply impressed with their quick solution solving.They are recommended as a reliable supplier.

I am impressed by the quality of the product such as assembly,painting,attention to details.The packaging has well protected the parts.Very good,easy and fast communication,every question was answered.I recommend this supplier.

A very responsible supplier!I’m so pleased with the products and shipping.The quality of them is great too