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The Ansbern brand, with a headquarters in Kunshan, a suitable and full city for bicycles in the country of China, most of Taiwan components factories located here that allows to offer our clients the best service, trust, comfort and services to satisfy your needs.

Ansbern, it is a bicycle and it is also a factory of bicycles of all kinds of models, its brand is of my first quality, there is no doubt according to our clients.

This brilliant idea was established by a group of people who love bicycles, so much so that they have been riding and working in bicycle field for years and dedicating their whole working life and efforts in the development field of a comfortable and safe bicycle. Focusing on OEM and ODM projects in electric bicycles and urban bicycles, and together with our product managers who have over 10 year experience in the field, we develop products that in such a way please the needs of all users, we provide services of efficiency, effectiveness, safety and of great quality so that our effort to be a reliable OEM factory is fulfilled.

In Ansbern, we design comfortable and fashionable electric bicycles and urban bicycles that allow us to move forward and keep moving a little outside of everything to feel free, full of peace, that allows us to travel to an adventure world where there is stress and no ill humor.

Test yourself and achieve with your bicycle.


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Service is offered with over 10- year experienced product managers in bike design and manufacturing with low MOQ


100% production quality control in each production process during the whole manufacturing chain

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Customized CAD&3D design is offered with product design team and electronic engineers


24H*7D one stop service on design, prototype, production& shipping

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