About Us

Ansbern is a bike&e bike factory making premium and quality urban bicycles and electric bikes for brands from worldwide. Based in Kunshan, a bike friendly city in China, where the most of Taiwan components factories located giving us the best advantage to serve our customers more efficiently.

It was created by a group of bike-lovers who have been riding and dedicated in the bike field for years. We are focusing OEM and ODM projects of urban bicycles and electric bikes, together with our experienced product managers, we co-develop products upon customers’ needs with high efficiency and quality services, we strive to be a reliable and loyal OEM factory with our profession and enthusiasm.

At Ansbern, we build comfortable and cool bikes and electric bikes, which allow us to escape from the crowded into the world where stress and pain don’t exist. Unleash the two-wheel beasts and enhance freedom, promote exploration and capture youth.

If you’ve already cooperated with us, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us, if you haven’t decided yet, we invite you to discover why our clients never leave.

Why Us


    Offer OEM&ODM service. With your idea, our engineers, who have worked in bike and electric bike factoriesfor more than 10 years, will develop the product with you.


    Professional sales team offers prompt and best services.


    Professional production team.


    Located in Kunshan, a bike and electric bike friendly city, most of the parts suppliers are around us, thus it is efficient to work with suppliers.